Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hospital House
In the town where I work, there is a house, built in the 1800s, that is rumored to be very, very haunted.  This picture was taken in January 2016 while 18++ inches of snow accumulated on the ground.  The house was converted to apartments a number of years ago.  The landlord told me that he has never been able to keep the basement apartment occupied for one full academic year, because of strange noises and apparitions.  Do you believe in ghosts?


  1. No! There are plenty of natural noises in an old, creaky house.

  2. I love old houses! They are pretty.....I doubt in ghosts but could be?

  3. I don't. But I have neighbors who go all over the place visiting places reported to be haunted. They have traveled several times to the former Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield OH. (We live in central Pennsylvania.) Their hobby is not one I share but I am most curious about the appeal of such a hobby.